John in Jerusalem
Salvation is from the Jews

In the Footsteps of Jesus with John
September 4 - October 2, 2018

The Centre for Biblical Formation

Notre Dame de Sion

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1. Course Description

Many readers today are more than a little uncomfortable with the treatment of “the Jews” in John’s Gospel. At the same time, that very Gospel is in many ways the most Jewish of all four, with an extensive knowledge not only of the Scriptures but also of the feasts, the liturgy and even the geography of the Holy City. Our reading of John’s Gospel will, therefore, take seriously these religious, cultural and archaeological contexts, enriching our reading and leading to a responsible contemporary understanding of the Fourth Gospel.

Suggested Bible:
The Jewish Annotated New Testament

Accessible reading material

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2. Useful websites on the Fourth Gospel

Felix Just SJ
A super-rich resource with many links.

Raymond E. Brown
You can listen to lectures on John’s Gospel and the Acts

New Testament Gateway
Good links to other sites, including bibliography.
Offers an introduction and commentary on the Gospel of John.
A good site with textual notes.

Papyrus 52
Good overview of the earliest evidence for the Fourth Gospel

Papyrus 66
Brief account of the earliest (almost) complete copy of the Fourth Gospel

Bibliography on the Fourth Gospel

3. “Jews” in the Fourth Gospel and in early Christianity
A short bibliography

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4. Notes and slides on the Fourth Gospel

Notes (under construction)
Slides (not ready yet)