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Links for prayer and spirituality
Kildare and Leighlin: a variety of prayers (very useful)
From the Holy Land: prayer booklet
Alpha Ireland: prayer conference on Friday, 27th March, @ 1.30 pm (GMT+1)
Church of Ireland resources for a
Service of the Word in time of Covid.

The Word Community for Christian Meditation
A dedicated resource on coping with C-19: click here.

Walter Brueggemann
Virus - a call to faith

From Dublin Diocese
Conducting Liturgy: Religious Services Advice
For chaplains and those serving the sick and dying: here
Prayer for the sick and the anxious: here.
Prayer for the dead: here.
Useful links: here.

Learning from the Coronavirus to be more human (José A. Pagola)

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd

Queen's University Belfast survey on the churches in Ireland and the effects of Covid 19. To download, click here.

Is there a Christian way of facing the Covid-19 crisis? Yes, of course there is.

  • The first is the move from “I” to “we”. This is a frightening situation that we face together. The common good ― the good of us all ― must be given first place. That is a very Christian, even a very Catholic virtue.
  • The second is an attitude of concern and compassion. Even if we must be isolated in our own homes or work places, modern communications allow to stay in touch in a way impossible before. This is a great benefit. But, we need to choose to stay in contact, perhaps with a greater frequency so that people don’t feel abandoned.
  • The third is a respect for truth. In recent years, truth has suffered in public discourse, giving rise to a horrible expression, the post-truth era. In these days, we need to pay attention to science and medicine and less attention to opinion makers and rumours. A society without truth cannot last. Today, right now, we need truth more than ever before.
  • Lastly, as Christians, we can pray. We can pray in particular for scientists, medical personnel and politicians. These are wonderful people with a huge job of work before them. As we pray for ourselves and our families and friends, we pray too for all who look after the common good.
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  • At this time of confinement, the arts are a great help, both musical and visual.
  • The Berlin Philharmonic has made freely accessible videos of live concerts, with outstanding artists. You can investigate here.
  • The Netherlands Bach Society is gradually putting all of Bach on the web. Signing up is free an duo get to see and hear all the concerts. Click here
  • The Van Eyck exhibition in Ghent (now closed because of C19) is a wonder. To catch a glimpse, click here
  • The Carravaggio-Bernini exhibition in Amsterdam (again closed for now) is also a wonder. To sample it, click here.
  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is offering a virtual tour called masterpieces up close. Click here.

When it comes to books, we can at least begin to think of the bucket list! Just recently, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has published a new book,
Morality. Restoring the common good in divided times.

For more information, go to his own
website. The book is available in printed format, for Kindle and through Amazon Audible (read by the author himself). It is a very timely and wise book. 
Prayer in time of Coronavirus