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The School of the Word

The SOTW offers a basic introductory set of courses (see below) as well as a set of more advanced biblical studies. All the programmes are explicitly linked to the Lectionary and use a modified “lectio divina” approach. The Calendar page has details of where the programmes are taking place. The titles of the programmes already uploaded are links to the handouts page and well as further resources.


SOTW 1 (Gospels)

6 sessions. Topics taken up: why the Bible at all; the Sunday readings; what is a Gospel; the Gospel of the current year; who is “the Jesus” of this Gospel; discipleship today.

SOTW 2 (Old Testament)

6 sessions. Topics taken up: Whose bible (Jewish, Reformed, Catholic, Orthodox); the Sunday readings from the Old Testament; the Pentateuch; the history of Israel; the Psalms; the Prophets.

SOTW 3 (St Paul)

6 sessions. Topics taken up: Who was St Paul; how to read his letters; 1 Thessalonians in detail (over four presentations; St Paul in the Sunday readings.


These vary a good deal according to the request of the each parish/ group

The Letter to the Romans

8 sessions, taking us through the whole letter. Topics: Rome at the time; Romans as a letter and as a speech; Rom 1-4; Rom 5-8; Rom 9-11; Rom 12-15; Rom 16; Romans for today.

The Prophets

8 sessions. Topics: What is a prophet; Amos and justice (1); Amos and justice (2); Who is/are Isaiah? Isaiah and justice; Isaiah and liberation; Isaiah and hope; Isaiah and the New Testament.

The Letter to the Hebrews

Lusk Parish Centre: ongoing reading of the whole letter.


The Eucharist in Biblical Perspective

6 sessions. Topics: meals and the Kingdom of God; the Last Supper; what was going on in Corinth? the Mass from the Reformation to today; Eucharistic presence; the Mass today.

Read the Gospel of John Together

Sandymount Christchurch: 8 sessions on the Fourth Gospel, over the whole year (2017-2018)

Advent Readings

Pro-Cathedral Dublin: Mid-day sessions on the Sunday readings of Advent.


The Search for Wisdom

This programme takes place in Lusk Pastoral Centre starting in September 2019. The Wisdom books are endlessly fascinating. The proposal is to start with the Book of Proverbs and see how it goes. The dedicated web page has more details.

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