Online Lectures

Faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the preached word of Christ.

During the coronavirus crisis, it seemed a good idea to record some lectures on the Sunday Gospel. (Occasionally the First or Second Reading may take the place of the Gospel.) The YouTube and Zoom lectures are identical. It seemed a good idea to open a dedicated YouTube channel because it is so easy to access

To access each lecture, it should be sufficient to click on each biblical reference below.

YouTube Channel

Sunday 30B21 Mark 46-52
Sunday 29B21
Mark 10:32-45
Sunday 28B21
Mark 10:17-31
Sunday 27B21
Mark 10:2-16
Sunday 26B21
Mark 9:38-48
Sunday 25B21
Mark 9:30-37
Sunday 24B21
Mark 8:27-35
Sunday 23B21
Mark 7:31-37
Sunday 22B21
Mark 7:1-23
Sunday 21B21
John 6:60-69
Assumption 20B21
Revelation 12
Sunday 20B21
John 6:51-58
Sunday 19B21
John 6:41-51
Sunday 18B21
John 6:24-35

Sunday 17B21 (two videos!)
John 6: Introduction (YouTube)
John 6:1-15 Multiplication (

Sunday 16B21 Mark 6:30-34
Sunday 15B21
Mark 6:7-13
Sunday 14B21
Mark 6:1-6a
Sunday 13B21
Mark 5:21-43
Sunday 12B21
Mark 4:35-41
Sunday 11B21
Mark 4:26-34

Corpus Christi B21
Mark 14:12-16, 22-26
Trinity B21
Matthew 28:16-20
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Acts 1:1-11
Easter 6B21
John 15:9-17
Easter 5B21
John 15:1-8
Easter 4B21
John 10:11-18
Easter 3B21
Luke 24:35-48
Easter 2B21
John 20:19-31
Easter 1B21
John 1:1-18
Lent 6B21
Celebrating Holy Week and Easter 2021
Lent 5B21
Lent 4B21
2 Chronicles/Ephesians/John
Lent 3B21
Lent 2B21
Lent 1B21

Sunday 06B21
Mark 1:40-45
Sunday 05B21
Mark 1:29-39
Sunday 04B21
Mark 1:21-18
Sunday 03B21
Mark 1:14-20
Sunday 02B21
John 1:35-42

Advent 04B20
2 Samuel/Romans/Luke
Advent 03B20
Advent 02B20
Advent 01B20

Sunday 34A20
Matthew 25:31-46
Sunday 33A20
Matthew 25:14-30
Sunday 32A20
Matthew 25:1-13
Sunday 31A20
Matthew 5:1-12 (All Saints)
Sunday 30A20
Matthew 22;34-40
Sunday 29A20
John 17:11, 17-23 (Mission Sunday)
Sunday 28A20
Matthew 22:1-14
Sunday 27A20
Matthew 21:33-46
Sunday 26A20
Matthew 21:28-32
Sunday 25A20
Matthew 20:1-6
Sunday 24A20
Matthew 18:21-35
Sunday 23A20
Matthew 18:15-20
Sunday 22A20
Matthew 16:21-28
Sunday 21A20
Matthew 16:13-20
Sunday 20A20
Matthew 15:21-28
Sunday 19A20
Matthew 14:22-33
Sunday 18A20
Matthew 14:13-21
Sunday 17A20
Matthew 13:44-53
Sunday 16A20
Matthew 13:24-43
Sunday 15A20
Matthew 13:1-23
Sunday 14A20 Matthew 11:25-30
Sunday 13A20 Matthew 10:37-42
Sunday 12A20
Matthew 10:26-33

Zoom Lectures
Zoom limits the number of files with can be stored. For the full list, go to the dedicated YouTube channel.

Sunday 30B21
Mark 10:46-52
Sunday 29B21
Mark 10:32-45
Sunday 28B21
Mark 10:17-31
Sunday 27B21
Mark 10:2-16
Sunday 26B21
Mark 9:38-48
Sunday 25B21
Mark 9:30-37
Sunday 24B21
Mark 8:27-35

If you would like to sign up for Zoom, this is easy and worthwhile:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the programme (it is free)
  3. Register as a user (the basic level is also free)

You may also like to investigate Krisp, a programme which limits the intrusion of ambient noises when tele-conferencing.
From the letter to the Romans