“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

― (attributed to) Rumi

Here you have resources for Christian meditation or mindfulness.

Apps for Meditation and daily prayer

Contemplative Outreach offers a very useful app for meditation plus other resources: click.
World Christian Community for Meditation offers apps for iOS and Android.

For those in a hurry
3-Minute Retreat

On-line prayer (there is as yet no app as far as I can see)
Sacred Space

For travellers and commuters (in a real hurry!)
Prayer on the Move
World Community for Christian Meditation
Christian Meditation Ireland
How to meditate

There is mediation each Wednesday evening in St Augustine's, Ballboden, Dublin @ 8.00 pm.
There is also mediation each Sunday morning in Mercy International Centre, Baggot St, Dublin, @ 10.00 am.

A German Benedictine monk maintains a remarkable website called "Gratefulness". There is much more to it than that and it repays a visit.