Programme 1: The Sunday Gospel (SOTW I)

SOTW I/1 We begin by looking at the current context of faith and church; we will notice the resources for renewal, especially the Scriptures; the Bible as the word of God; because critical reading can be difficult, a short presentation on church documents, esp. Evangelii Gaudium, will be offered.

SOTW I/2 It can be puzzling to following selection of readings, although there is an interesting pattern underneath. The lay-out of the lectionary and the thinking behind it; distinguishing Ordinary Time, from Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

SOTW I/3 What is a Gospel? This might seem a very obvious question, but the different ways of looking at the Gospels lead to different understandings. In general today, people thinks of the Gospels as an adaptation of the classical bios or biography.

SOTW I/4. Each year has a Gospel assigned to it: Matthew, Mark, Luke (none for John). The Gospel of the current liturgical year: context (place, date, authorship), lay-out (narrative plot etc.), major ideas.

SOTW I/5 Who is “the Jesus” of this particular Gospel? Does it speak to us today? Using the next six Sundays, a brief sketch of this Gospel's presentation of the Lord will be offered.

SOTW I/6 We read the Gospels in order to follow the teaching of Jesus. How is being a disciple described in the Gospel of this year? Does it speak to today? Using the next six Sundays again to illustrate the teaching on discipleship.